Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Abstract Art Paintings Are Open To Interpretation

Many painters of realistic artworks are incredibly talented. They can capture a minute superbly - whether that's a lush landscape, stormy seascape, authentic looking still-life or even a striking likeness of an individual in a portrait. However - as skillful as these artists are - a similar result can be obtained with a photograph taken with a contemporary camera. Artistic embellishments can even be made after the photograph is taken.

The question could therefore be asked: Are these life-like reproductions truly "Art"?

On the other hand, an abstract artist produces the painting from within. The artist has some vision which they wish to fully capture and display for others to see. The artwork might not resemble anything "real" - however the mix of colours used along with shapes, shading and textures seeks to represent what the artist really wants to convey. This is based on the artist's mood, feelings and insights at the time of the abstract painting's creation.

One of many beauties of abstract art paintings is that seldom will art observers have exactly the same interpretation of the artwork. Although they've the exact same physical input from the artist - each viewer also comes with their very own past experiences, viewpoints and biases. They will have their particular particular mood and feelings at the time of observation. best abstract artists The environmental surroundings in that your abstract artwork is displayed also significantly influences the viewing experience. Each one of these factors donate to the interpretation made by that one art critic being quite unique. (I am not referring here to the unfortunate and artificial situation in art schools where students frequently learn the accepted interpretations from previous "art experts".)

Will the observer's interpretation be exactly like that intended by the artist? Not necessarily.

But does this matter? The uniqueness of interpretation of abstract art is its major strength.

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